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Sundy Praia
Sundy Praia
Roça Sundy
Our agricultural activities
Local & Organic

Organically grown fruits, vegetables and herbs are harvested by hand. Príncipe’s tropical climate allows for horticultural harvests throughout the year. We supply our produce to Roça Sundy and Sundy Praia, HBD boutique hotels, and to our staff canteens. They’re fresh, flavourful and locally grown additions to meals.


In and amongst the rainforest, our agroforestry plantations are home
to special varieties of cacao, vanilla, coffee, coconut, and forest pepper – and a diversity of endemic fauna and flora. We grow and harvest our tasty, nutritious foods from these rich forest soils beneath the cool shade of the diverse tree canopy.

Processing & transformation

Our horticulture and agroforestry harvests become ingredients for our Paciência Organic products. While our popular tree-to-bar chocolate is the centre of the story, you can also enjoy our selection of dried forest fruits. Our natural handmade body products like creams and soaps can be enjoyed on island and purchased as special gifts.


At Roça Sundy, located in the northwest of Príncipe, you can explore the cacao trees scattered through the forest while soaking up the sights and sounds of this beautiful environment. This area is also the heart of our chocolate-making with small batch, handmade chocolate created in our artisanal Chocolate Factory. Roça Sundy is also home to our eponymous boutique hotel.

Roça Paciência

During the height of Príncipe’s cacao exporting days, Roça Paciência—situated on the northeast of the island—was a satellite plantation of Roça Sundy. Today, Roça Paciência contributes to all three pillars of HBD’s agricultural activities, described above, and is where we make our Paciência Organic body products, some of which, like coconut oil, you can enjoy at Sundy Praia’s spa.

Oquê Daniel

Bordering Roça Sundy, Oquê Daniel is home to the majority of our Liberica coffee trees and is where we grow our forest pepper, fragrant vanilla and sweet pineapple. There is a cacao nursery and cacao agroforestry area. Oquê Daniel also boasts a striking southward view of the dramatic peaks of Parque Natural do Príncipe, giving even more reason to make a visit here.

Ubá da Boi

Situated near our boutique hotels Roça Sundy and Sundy Praia, our team at Ubá de Boi specialises in growing organic fruits, vegetables and herbs, which are utilised by our restaurant teams in preparing delicious meals for guests and our teammates alike. From maquequê, common in traditional dishes, to papaya, a staple of natural juices, local, fresh produce just tastes better.

Paciência Organic

Rainforest Fresh